Conversations start around common interests. People in social media congregate around common interests. We can find people in Twitter chats, Facebook, LinkedIn groups, and blogs and so on. Where there is an interest there is a social media gathering. This makes it perfect for finding people just like you!

We live in a social world, interact with people through various institutions (work, school, parties, etc.), and often times, rather unfortunately, find ourselves separated from these people we meet and encounter throughout these Social Networking Platforms. Finding a niche in a place where letters, emails, and phone calls fall short, social networks are able to make people feel connected from afar through the social network is one of example where Friends, family, and co-workers can all stay connected through the network, no matter how far the distance between them where they can share their ideas, talk about New trends in shopping; fashion gossips; and much more.

Because Social media has revolutionised the way in which people communicate and share information at local, national and international levels. Social media can help individuals and organisations to better understand, engage with and respond to people on the social web because Social networking is a fast moving and constantly evolving environment which presents both opportunities and challenges, that is why main focus is “People”.

Nowadays, Visiting social networks is becoming more popular than e-mail website and search engines. Social media is a very interactive platform where feedback is immediate, it is the kind of a technical revolution in the marketing world, it has removed the third-party barrier between a brand and the consumer. Unlike traditional media, it establishes direct relation with the end-user allowing a direct feedback to consumers. work as a means for people to connect, socialize, communicate, shop, play and much more. After all, at the heart of these social networks, are people, just like you and I, staying connected with friends and loved ones.
The web has the potential to become a space where a multilateral conversation takes place and where all have equal leverage. It’s happing, but we are not quite there yet. give you the opportunity to grab it.

The effort is ongoing. Many of us have found that being connected online gives us agency and opened up a world of possibilities. gives you the opportunity and responsibility as well to contribute, so that others can get benefit. So Aaoyaar lets contribute to it.