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Due to globalization we see and learn more about what is happening around the globe. Travel programs show us destinations and ways of living we never saw before and they are reachable because of cheap travel options. For some people this created the need to keep in contact with people all around the globe.

We like to have the possibility to get in touch easily and quickly through Facebook, Twitter, and Skype, that are some of ways to do so. That is how social media created possibilities for businesses, people and Companies, so that they can use social media as well.

Social media has revolutionised the way in which people communicate and share information at local, national and international levels. Social media can help individuals and organisations to better understand, engage with and respond to people on the social web. Social networking is a fast moving and constantly evolving environment which presents both opportunities and challenges.

To organize what you can do with social media professionally, a strategy can be helpful. Because the online word is so fast, it is tempting to quickly create a Facebook page or LinkedIn account without thinking about it in advance. First of all: it is good that you are going to use social media. But you are missing opportunities if you start without a strategy. A strategy will give you direction, ensure a consistent image and make sure you are not a social media one day fly. With a strategy it is easier to make social media work for you because you can do it right at once.

The terms “social media” and “social networking” are often used interchangeably to refer to web-based tools and technologies that support online communication and information sharing. They turn communication into interactive dialogue.

The term social media encompasses various tools and services, including:
Content sharing services (e.g. YouTube)
Social networking sites (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn)


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