“I miss the time when we were little and used to play cricket in the street. How much fun it was.”

You might have heard many people saying this in an extremely sad tone and you agree with them, missing your own golden childhood. Gone is the time when in every street little children were found with bats, playing cricket or children running after one another playing in parks. As soon as children got over with their school work, they ran out to meet their friends to play games.

But the arrival of internet has changed many things. It has changed letters to emails; friends get to gathers to conference calls over Skype, playing with friends to online games and much more. In short it has brought change almost everywhere, business, lifestyle and what not. Name it and you’ll see it. It has got hold of young and old, men and women alike.

Where people used to play games outside, internet has brought the games inside. Now children or even grown-up people don’t go outside to play but instead, run towards computers or laptops to play games. Gaming zones are been established for younger lot to enjoy their desired games over the internet or even have a combat with their friends or challenge anyone. Beside this, speedy development in this field is making more people to turn towards online gaming.

“AaoYaar” is a Free Social Networking Platform that provides you with so many things under one roof. Among those is online gaming as well where you can play as much as you want and not get tired. An entertainment zone is there to make the gamers lot content. You can play cards poker and much more and have fun beyond limits. You can invite your friends as well and enjoy together the fun.

So why waiting “AaoYaar, let’s play.”


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