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Social Networking and Changing World

“The horn at the harbor signaled the arrival of the ship which contained Abdullah’s goods. He ran towards his ship excited and expecting all his goods might have been sold. But disappointment washed over him when his sub-ordinate informed him that his goods were not sold”. In olden times, business was much difficult as it is now. Even if we look back few decades, advertising your products or brands was [...]


Social Networking: More than Just Friends

Well I am sure you will agree with me when I say that today it is indeed a small world, thanks to social networking through the internet. Of course the internet itself had made the world a very small place a long time ago but at that time we were still connecting with other human beings through the telephone or meeting them in person. Once the online social networking bug [...]


Riding On Social Media

“A creative idea plus a fresh network is the best way to go from zero to millions.” “Are you on face book? Yes. Ok! Add me.” That’s what is heard all around the places these days. Social media has got hold of the people like a snake charmer gets hold of a snake. It is yet another trend, people are moving towards knowingly or unknowingly. Everyone is hooked to it. [...]


Social Media Is Not Just About Being Fashionable

Social Media is a great convenience on the part of the business because there is a lesser cost to conduct a research or study on the trend in the industry. This also enables you to participate in the business arena with confidence knowing that you have the latest tools and updated info in your business. Aaoyaar comes up with new Free Social Networking Platform that will cause a great impact [...]


The Urge to Share: Social Networking

It is all over the place and I would be amazed if any of you haven’t yet heard about social networking sites. Either we are fed up of it or we are still in wonder of the phenomenon called social networking website which lets us connect to people across the globe and can allow to share. Whatever the case, popularity of it will not diminish in the near future. Social [...]


New Sensation Hitting the Town

Much like going to a party or joining a book club, social networking can be a lot of fun. And, like getting involved in a writer’s group or going to a business conference, it can also be very productive for your career. Social Networking can be many things to many people, but you won’t ever know what it could mean to you until you try it out for yourself. Aaoyaar [...]