Wallpaper Pakistan Day

Happy Pakistan Day


Wallpaper Pakistan Day

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Stylish and Pretty Girls

There is always this type of girl, super stylish, elegant with a “I’m pretty” attitude, with perfect manicures and always perfect makeup. They think style matters a lot…. She’s one of them…. She’s another most stylish girl of Aaoyaar.com…She put style on top priority….!!!! In matters of style, She swim with the current; in matters of principle, She stand like a rock. She do really enjoy styling & she simply [...]


Classy - Smart - Stylish Guys

He’s a Smarty, most classy guy of Aaoyaar.com & He has mustache….which looks awesome. He’s a man of style…He don’t consider himself a goody-goody in this style , but he like to be perceived as classy. Being classy is NOT about being stuck up, but more so about having a simply unique style that will never be forgotten. So To be classy like him,is to have respect; respect for others, [...]


Most Brainy And Fashionable Guys

He is simple, he is most brainy guy of Aaoyaar.com & he is a geek… Who loves fashion…gossips… He’s the most passionate person of Aaoyaar.com… He would love to change the world, but NoOne give him the source code….. He just know what he likes!!!! Call him weird, Call him a geek, Call him what you want….!!!!!He’s just that unique…..!!!! Better to be a geek than an idiot………!!! what do [...]


Aao Yaar - A Girl Wearing Head Scarf

A girl wearing head scarf… She’s a girl who is always joyful… She’s a girl who is gentle and kind… She is the girl whose attractiveness goes beyond her outward beauty. True beauty has to do with the inner qualities of a person… Simply, she’s a woman of integrity & most decent girl of Aaoyaar Wearing a Head Scarf / Hijab is a way of treating oneself as somebody who [...]


Most Innocent Not Fashionable Girls

Another character of Aaoyaar.com is a most innocent girl, who is not a fashion slave girl actually…. She’s just a simple girl with no attitude…. She don’t put style on top priority… She ‘s a girl who screams at the mouse & smiles at the wolf… Some people make the world special just be being in it…She is one of them In a world where you can be anything…Be yourself [...]


Aao Yaar - A Guy Who is Stylish, Funky and Awesome

It is not cute, romantic Error. Page cannot be displayed. Please contact your service provider for more details. (16) or innocent, it just STYLISH, fantastic and funky guy. Use this as your display picture on FB makes your profile much more attractive for others, or on your laptop, or on your PC etc. So you want to be totally funky, but stylish at the same time? You’ve seen this guy [...]


Aao Yaar - A Religious Guy With Beard

A religious guy with beard is a guy, with Full of wise saws and modern instances, and so he plays his part… A guy is important and has lots of helpful things to do… he’s a most rational guy of Aaoyaar… He loves it! It makes him look wiser, older, and much more masculine. With the beard, he looks like a decent man! People tell him that he look like [...]